The natural disasters like the one in Palu and Donggala on 28 September 2018 was so terrible. The devastating earthquake with  magnitude 7.4 of the Richter scale destroyed many houses, and infrastructures including 1678 BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and Fiber Optic networks.

It was not easy to handle the telecommunication & networks damage caused by this earthquake.  The difficulty in recovery was not only caused by the damage of road access, electricity and buildings but also due to the impact of the damage on Fiber Optic network.  Although the fiber optic cable had strong shield, the movement and displacement of the ground caused damage to the inside of the cable. It was not easily detected. From the outside the fiber optic cable looks intact, but on the inside there was cracked.

It needed skillful and tough technicians to solve the problem well. Not only that, they had to work 24 hours to restore the network problems. Although not easy, finally several Telco Operators announced that their networks could be recovered within 2 weeks after the disaster.