A Brief of The Company

Welcome to ISAT

ISAT was established in 2005 with the beginning business as Internet Service Provider. Since the growth of the Customers in 2009, ISAT has evolved its business into TOTAL SOLUTION FOR COMMUNICATION & NETWORK. Currently the services coverage has reached Asia Pacific region.

Total Solution means by having good interaction with Customers, We provide the Most Suitable Solution and Solve Unsolved Problems Until Well Done.


Fiber Optic Backbone

Business Pillar

We have Fiber Optic backbone both in seas and lands leased to several Telco Providers.

Internet Service Provider

Business Pillar

We provide broadband internet for corporate & retailer customers

Data Center

Business Pillar

We provide secure & reliable data center

Terrestrial & VSAT

Business Pillar

ISAT provides internet & satellite communication in seas & remote areas

Network Integrator

Business Pillar

We are ready to integrate any complex network system among regions & countries

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High bandwidth capacity

Own fiber optic backbone in seas and lands

Wide range coverage to sea & remote areas


Reliable and secure datacenter

Experience to solve complex network issues

Service coverage to overseas


ISAT Projects Sharing

It’s our honor to share lesson learned of some of our projects.

Our News And Publication

Here is the latest announcement and news

Fiber Optic Cable Speed

Fiber Optic Cable Speed

Until today, the speed of fiber optic cable can not be beaten by other medias such as WIFI, VSAT, 4G & 5G mobiles communication. Below are important inventions to increase the speed of fiber optic : 2011, speeds of 100 terabits-per-second had already been reached,...

FO Recovery After Tsunami

FO Recovery After Tsunami

The natural disasters like the one in Palu and Donggala on 28 September 2018 was so terrible. The devastating earthquake with  magnitude 7.4 of the Richter scale destroyed many houses, and infrastructures including 1678 BTS (Base Transceiver Station) and Fiber Optic...

Recover The Broken Under Sea Fiber Optic

Recover The Broken Under Sea Fiber Optic

Fiber Optic cable is the most suitable option to connect data network among islands and countries due to the high bandwidth capacity. Fiber optic network can be installed in the land and undersea. Sub marine  cable recovery / problem solving when broken is more...


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ISAT Office

Head Office:
Jl. Daan Mogot 1 no.34
Grogol, Jakarta Barat
Phone : +62 21 564 3233

Datacenter Office:
Cyber Building Floor 1
Jl. Kuningan Barat no.8
Mapang Prapatan, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : +62 21 5290 5151


Support 7×24 hours
Phone: 021-52905151
Whatsapp: 087780131333
Email: support@isat.net.id

Sales & Marketing
Phone: 021-5643233
Email: sales@isat.net.id

Phone: 021-5643233
Email: fao@isat.net.id