Terrestrial VSAT is the ideal solution for Companies that require a stable connection and wish to develop communications with their branches in different cities, islands & countries. Even with this technology, it is possible for the head office to connect its data with ships in the middle of the sea. The Connection from VSAT can be used for  Internet, VOIP (Voice Over IP), computer data transmission and satellite phone.

ISATNET provides designed solutions for VSAT connectivity based on project specified requirements. We supply Shared, Dedicated, SCPC, Carrier-In-Carrier, Meshed and Star Networks satellite communication links.


Shared Service

Network shared services are entry level services for clients seeking low-cost access to satellite telecommunications. These satellite communication links are sold by the size of the link and a ratio with which they are contended (2:1, 5:1, 10:1) with other VSATs on the satellite network. Each service option provides a CIR (Committed Information Rate) and an MIR (Maximum Information Rate) to the user for the download and upload by/from the VSAT. The CIR is calculated as the MIR divided by the contention of the service provided.

Dedicated Service

Network dedicated services are for clients seeking low-cost access to dedicated satellite telecommunication links. These satellite communication links are sold based on the size of the speeds provided. Whilst each service option provides a CIR (Committed Information Rate) and an MIR (Maximum Information Rate) to the user for the download and upload by/from the VSAT, the CIR and MIR in a dedicated network service are equal to each other.

As an illustration, a client purchasing a 1024/512 kbps dedicated VSAT service will receive a Committed Information Rate of 1024/512 kbps and a Maximum Information Rate of 1024/512 kbps. This ensures that the link speeds are not affected by the variations within the network throughout the day.

SCPC (Single Carrier Per Channel)

SCPC satellite links are configured as point to point networks between two sites. Each site transmits its own dedicated carrier which is received by the other. SCPC links are dedicated in their bandwidth/ throughput configuration as the do not share the satellite capacity used.

Carrier in Carrier

carrier in carrier technology allows for SCPC links to minimize on bandwidth as both carriers are situated on top of each other. The technology allows the transmit & receive carriers of a duplex link to share same satellite capacity.

Mesh Network

A mesh network provides all remotes with direct satellite communication channels to all other remotes within the mesh. Remote in a mesh network can be configured as a gateway for other remotes to communicate to the internet or private client network.

Star Network

A star network operates with all remote communication channels centered at the hub. The hub functions as the gateway for these remotes to communicate to each other and to any network configured at the hub such as the internet or private client networks.


Reliable satellite communication is important to successfull maritim operations. We provide custom services for the maritime industry including dedicated and shared data-rate connectivity.

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